No companies are listed in the drop-down menu at login screen

This indicates that your device is unable to connect to your companies server. The connection issue you could either be on the device side or on your server. Please follow the steps below to determine the source of the issue and resolve it.

1.  Restart the SWRemote Application:

Instructions are here for iOS 8-10
Instructions are here for iOS 11
Instructions are here for Android

2.  Try to login to SWRemote again

3.  Open up your Web Browser. On iOS this will be Safari, on Android it may be Chrome or "Internet"

4.  Type in Youtube and try to play a video

5.  If the video comes up and plays normally, the issue may be on your server, please contact SWRemote's Support Team at 1-800-566-6940 or by email at

If the video does not play, this indicates a connection issue on the device. You can try toggling the Data on and off (follow the instructions below) or restarting the device itself. If the issue persists following this, you may need to wait until you enter an area with better reception to get back into SWRemote.


If you require further assistance, please reach out to the Support Team using any of our channels - 

Phone: 800-566-6940

Chat with us! 

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