Error Message: Invoice number #### has imported timecard labor and cannot be updated

Why does this happen?

This occurs because SuccessWare 21 does not allow an invoice to be updated once it has imported timecard labor. When timecard labor is added to an invoice, it is "finalized," and will not be editable until the timecard labor is removed.

How can I fix this?

In order for the invoice to be editable again, the office must remove the timecard labor from the invoice. You should then be able to edit the invoice without any issues.  If you do not want to clear the timecard labor, please create a new Invoice. There are instructions for that as well.


Take the following steps to remove timecard labor from an invoice:

  • On the call center screen/dispatch board, highlight the job the technician is currently on and hit the F10 button.  This will open the invoice.
  • Click the Enter cost button at the top of the window. 
  • Click the Labor tab.
  • Right click, then choose Labor, and then Reset Labor. Click Yes, and then OK.  
  • Have the technician try to send the invoice through again in Mobile Technician. It should go across successfully.


How can I prevent this from happening again?

There can't be anything added to the Invoice. Regardless of timecard entries, if any part of the is Invoice filled out, it will not be editable in SWRemote and this Error will pop up.

For multi day jobs:

One way of taking care of this issue is to not post any timecard labor back in the office until you know that the job has been close completely. This will save the Office and Technicians time.

For multi day jobs:

Do not Post the Invoice. If you know you are going back out to the location the next day or the next week, don’t post the invoice as this will also trigger this error.

For multi day jobs:

It is also possible to create an entirely new invoice for the job within SuccessWare21 - this would prevent the error from occurring as well. Note that you can only have one invoice active per job at one time - posting the original invoice will allow you to create a new one.If multiple Techs are assigned to a job and any one of the Techs time becomes verified in SuccessWare21, then this will trigger this error.


For instructions on Unposting or Creating a new Invoice, please click HERE to prevent this error when planning return calls.


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