Why aren't the Pictures that the Techs capture showing up in the Location Documents any longer?

If Dropbox was integrated with SWRemote and SuccessWare21, and now you no longer see the files or photos in the Location Documents, please walk through the following list:

Before you jump to the instructions below, please look through this first:

It is also possible to have SuccessWare21 attached to one Dropbox account and SWRemote to another.  This is another improper setup.  SuccessWare21 and SWRemote must be connected to the same (single) Dropbox account.

Lastly, the Dropbox account itself may be out of storage space.

To check on this in SWRemote:


To check on this in SuccessWare21:

If those instructions look foreign to you, you will want to follow the link below and start at step 1.  SuccessWare21's Support Team can also help out with these instructions:

Lastly, you may need to check on Dropbox:

You may have reached your Storage limit for Dropbox.

To check on this, Login to itself.  On the top right, if you click on your Account Name you will see a dropdown come up.  This will display the current space used and the max space available (as seen below). 




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