How can I tell if a credit card was swiped through SWRemote or not?

This information is only contained within a report generated through SWRemote's Admin Website,  

1. Log into
2. Click on the Reports tab
3. Select PayFlow Query from the dropdown menu
4. Click Run FayFlow Query
5. A report of all credit card transactions ran through SWRemote will appear.  You can click on any of the headers to filter by that field.  Typically it's easiest to sort through the transactions by the dollar amount or the date of the transaction.

  • If the AddDateTime header is clicked, it will sort the dates from Most Recent and vice versa. 
  • If you type the dollar amount of the transaction into the PaymentAmount field, only transactions with that value will appear.

6. In the TrackOnePresent column for each transaction you will notice one of two values:

  • True = The card was swiped using a card reader
  • False = The card information was manually keyed into SWRemote


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