Enhanced wording on invoices, Signatures & more

You now have the ability to adjust certain fields in SWRemote to better suit your business or stay in your State's compliance. 

Note: These can be configured by Company, so if you have different databases (see below) you can configure each one.


To begin, sign into our admin site,

Tap the "Companies" tab and scroll down to a new section, "Invoice Wording"


Here, you are now able to adjust not only the text for the below, but also the font, size, and color. This will help make things stand out and stay within your state's compliance.

The adjustable fields are:

  • Invoice Title
  • Invoice Total Label
  • Work Suggested
  • Work Done
  • Authorization Signature
  • Approval Signature

What do these settings mean!?

  1. Bold font
  2. Italicized font
  3. Underlined font
  4. Font Type
  5. Font size
  6. Text color
  7. Clear formatting (on existing text)
  8. Reset to defaults


Once updated here, this information will be reflected in those respective areas.

Version XXXX of SWRemote has these enabled by default, but if you need to update, you can check out the below link:

How to update SWRemote


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