Where do the pictures & forms taken through SWRemote get saved in SuccessWare21?

Note: This will only work if you first connect Dropbox to SWRemote and then connect that same account to SuccessWare21. For instructions on how to do so click here.

Photos taken through SWRemote will be saved to that customer's location inside the Dropbox account linked to SWRemote. The information will always be accessible in the Dropbox folder under the customer's location number.

If you have your SuccessWare21 server linked Dropbox you will also find the photos inside SuccessWare21.

Follow the steps below to get to photos, documents and saved forms.

  • Login to SuccessWare21.
  • Navigate to the customer location where the photos were saved
  • On the customer page right click on the Location information and select Open
  • Select Location Documents 


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