How do I enter non-customer facing Notes ?

Note: Work Suggested and Work Done Notes will appear on the Invoice and will be visible when the customer signs as well as if they are receiving an emailed Invoice receipt.  

 To create notes that the customer will not see, they must be entered into the Location Notes:

  • Tap the Customer tab under the menu (left side of screen.)
  • The first tab will be Details (This is automatically selected.)  
  • Tap the Edit button to enter, add, or edit non-customer facing notes.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap in the text field to add, enter, or edit notes.  


When you are finished with your notes, remember to tap the Save button.


Note: These notes will be visible every time a Technician dispatches to a job for this particular customer.

The customer will not see these notes on their Invoice. 

In SuccessWare21, The Location Notes appear by default in the lower right hand corner of the Phone Call form when receiving a phone call from a customer and can be accessed here as well:

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