How do I put a Call on hold and reschedule it?

Part 1 - Technician Instructions (SWRemote)

-Have the Technician walk through as much of the call as they can.  Even if they have nothing to input, have them continue to the last screen of a job, the Complete screen.

-Press the "Complete Assignment" button, in the lower right corner.

-In the Confirm popup box, click the Job Status dropdown menu, select "Not Done"

-Then press the "Complete" button (in the lower right corner)

 Part 2 - Office Instructions (SuccessWare21)

-login to SuccessWare21

-Open the Dispatch Board

-hit the refresh button in the upper left

-the job icon now has an open folder icon

-Right Click the job you need to reschedule.

-Select "Add Call".

-Select "for NEXT day", or "Browse" to reschedule it for the same day or a different day completely.

-Choose the desired time.

 If "Not Done" is not in the timecard status dropdown list for the Technicians, please follow this link:


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