How do I process a credit card using a swiper with PayFlow?

1. Build an invoice with tasks/parts as normal

2.  Sign the invoice review screen

3.  Move to the Payment screen and select the Payment Type of 'Credit Card'

4.  Insert the Credit Card Swipe, and this should now enable the 'Swipe' button (The button should be in bold)

5.  Tap the 'Swipe' button, and click Yes to the pop-up.  Swipe the credit card smoothly across the swiper with the magnetic strip facing the proper direction.

6.  This should now show all necessary fields filled in.

7.  You can now continue on to obtaining the signature for payment.


The Process for typing in a card manually, without a Swiper is very similar and easy.

Click Here for a step by step.


Additional information
For a list of compatible Swipers:

If the Swipe keeps loading with no results, make sure your microphone is turned on:


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