Do I need a card swiper to process credit cards?

No, you do not need a separate swipe unit to process credit cards with SWRemote. However, there will be a difference in rates from your merchant bank (not SWRemote) to process a card by keying it into our software vs. swiping.

When you swipe a credit/debit card it is considered a "card present" transaction and therefore is subject to reduced fees from your merchant bank.  

When you manually enter (key in) a credit/debit card number into Mobile Technician it is considered "card NOT present" and will be subject to a slightly higher rate from your merchant bank.

SWRemote does not get paid any portion of those fees nor do we set those fees - all are handled directly by your merchant bank.  Very often the difference in fees is small, because most cards are rewards cards (cards that carry points rewards for customers) and are typically subject to higher rates anyway. SWRemote does not recommend one method over another, and we suggest that each company does what is right for their operating conditions, sales volume, etc.


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