How to add parts to calls in order to create requisitions

What is the issue?

How do I add parts to a job so that they show up on a requisition document in SuccessWare21?

How do I fix this?

There are a few ways to add parts so that they show up on a requisition document inside SuccessWare21.  We have outlined these options below.

***First, a Technicians must select a Truck in the Truck drop-down, when Logging into SWRemote.  If a Truck is not logged into, a requisition will not be created.  However, if you do not have any trucks listed in the drop-down, click here.

*Note* SWRemote does not have access to submit, edit, or view Purchase Orders (POs)

Once you log in with a truck, you can now add parts in two ways:

  • The first, would be to add parts right onto the invoice as line items.  These parts will be added to a requisition after closing the job.
  • The second way, is to add parts to the Parts used section.  The Parts Used section is utilized to add parts to a task that will not be charged directly to the customer and will not be seen by the customer, but were used on a job.  Any items included in this section would be added to the requisition document as well.

Upon Clicking the Parts button (which can ONLY be selected on the Pay and Debrief screens, you will see the Tasks and Visits that are on your Invoice, as seen below.


  1. You will need to select one of the Tasks or Visits and then it will show you any Parts already attached to the Line Item (as seen below). 


2. Here you will also be able to select Add or Scan to add additional Parts. 


  • Pressing the Add Button will bring you to this screen where you can search by 

A.  Looking through the Catalog.


B. Searching by item# / UPC / Description.


Ex: "Cap" for Capacitor


 -Pressing the Scan button will bring up the camera so that you can scan a barcode.


-Once you find your Part, press the Save button

-Once you are happy with all of your Parts, press the close button and and then the back button, this will return you to the Pay/Debrief screen.

Note: For serialized parts you will need to input a Serial Number.


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