"Connection Has Been Terminated or Otherwise Ended" Error Message

Most frequently this occurs due to a user being logged into two different devices and then logging out on one of the devices, which will also kill the session for the other user.    Most of the time the issue can resolved by taking the following steps:

Please close out SWRemote on both Devices.  Then restart it on just one of the Devices.  You should then be able to continue to log in as normal.  

  • For assistance on how to Quit applications on iOS devices, click here
  • For assistance on how to Quit applications on Android devices, click here

To avoid this going forward, only log into one Device per Username at a time.

If this does not solve the issue, please call SWRemote at 1-800-566-6940, as there may be an issue if you are an ASP customer.  The SWRemote support team can help you contact ASP via E-mail, as you may be experiencing a ASP session issues.


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