How do I confirm my device has an active cellular data plan or Wi-Fi connection?

Cellular Connection

To confirm that your device has an active data plan, look for "4G" or "LTE" at the top of the screen. (Location may vary where on screen depending on device make/model). If it does not, you may need to make sure your Cellular Data is on and that Airplane mode is off.

  • When you see "4G,' or "LTE," open your mobile web browser. (Default varies by device and custom installation.)
  • Navigate to and attempt a search (for example, SWRemote). If the search goes through, you have a valid connection.

Note: If the device does not have an active 4G/LTE or Wi-Fi connection please contact your cellular service provider.


Wi-Fi Connection

To confirm a Wi-Fi connection, there should be a series of cascading curved lines located at the top of the screen, indicating the existence and strength of your connection. Full bars indicates a strong connection.

If the Wi-Fi connection is not enabled you can follow the steps listed here to enable it.


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