What is the Agent Manager and where do I setup the Agent password in SuccessWare21?

The Agent Manger is a utility in SuccessWare21 that gives permission for third-party applications to read data.

NOTE: If the menu option for Agent Manager is not in the list, this may mean that you need to activate your SW21 API by following this article here.

To open the Agent Manager, take the following steps:

1.  Open SuccessWare21

2.  Select the 21 button in the top-left corner

3.  Click Setup

4.  Click Utilities

5.  Run the Administrative Tools

6.  Run the Agent Manager

7.  On the Agent Manager screen, there will be a line item that reads "swmagent" (disregard any other entries besides "swmagent").  

A. In the white box to the immediate right and under the "Agent Password" column create a password of your choice and hit save. Copy this agent password down, as you will need to provide it later.

Proceed to part B, below.

B. In the lower half of the window there is also a column labeled "Is Enabled."  Right click in the white box to the left of the appropriate company name and choose "Enable/Disable."  The box will then show a value of "True." Hit save once more and close the Agent Manager.


You can also follow these instructions through the video below:


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