SWRemote - Version 3.0.3 Release Notes

Feature Enhancements:

  • Minor updates to styling throughout the app.
  • Job Status has now been renamed to Call Status to better reflect its counterpart in SuccessWare21
  • Device Nickname is shown on the bottom of Log In screen, as well as the alphanumeric "Code"

Bug Fixes:

  • Adjusted the “You Saved” portion of the invoice to only appear if you are using Price Levels and the technician has selected a lower price. If you do not use Price Levels you will no longer see this on your invoices.
  • Fixed a display issue with certain invoice fields not matching.  Now the Payment Amount is displayed on the Payment screen, and the Debrief Job screen correctly.
  • A bug regarding the Secondary Tech’s permissions has been resolved.  When tapping the back button when on the Complete Assignment (Review) screen, it will now always bring the user back to the On Site screen, as expected.
  • On Android devices that do not have support for the Credit Card Swipe function, upon Launching SWRemote, you will no longer receive the following error message: 'Failed to read XML file, please contact supporter'
  • Removed the ability to select items from the Menu while Editing an Invoice, which could sometimes cause a user to end up in a loop.
  • SWRemote no longer gets stuck syncing when an invalid Email address is added into Customer email field, and added a proper validation message for when this occurs.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing an edited invoice number from appearing properly on the Payment Screen. 
  • A popup will now appear if you plug in a credit card reader or a pair of headphones, when SWRemote opens. If you click yes to the message it will initialize your credit card reader. If you have a pair of headphones plugged in, this will cause a loud noise to play through them. 
  • Added better error handling and reporting for System Errors, specifically those caused by lapses in connectivity. This should allow for a smoother process for technicians experiencing connection issues.
  • Fixed an error occurring with the Android 5.0 update preventing phones from moving past the Authorization screens.
  • Repaired a connection issue that was causing devices to fail to “Sync company data” upon opening SWRemote after the 3.0.1 update.
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