SWRemote - Version 3.1 ( Release Notes

Feature Enhancements:

  • Photos and Documents Storage have been added to SWRemote!Technicians can select the Photo button and take a picture of their work space and save it to the Customer’s locationThey can even add a tag such as “Before” or “After” to the imageDocuments that are attached to the Customer’s location will also be visible for technicians by selecting Customer from the Menu then pressing the “Documents” button 
  • SWRemote is now running in our new environmentThis will not have any direct impact on your day-to-day work in SWRemote, but has given us the ability to add new features such as the Photo and Document StorageThis has also allowed us to add Applications inside of SWRemote
  • Invoice Changes:The wording for the technician information has been changed from “Employee” to “Technician”Your technician’s full Last Name has also been removedIt will now display their First Name and then their Last InitialThe Tax and Discount fields will no longer display if there is no tax or discount on the invoice

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a login bug where auto correct/auto fill would apply a space to the username causing their assignments to not be displayed when they login.
  • Fixed a login bug where a user would get stuck in tutorial
  • Fixed the animation for the Progress indicator wheel that spins during loading and syncing
  • Adjusted size on different size iPhones to better fit the screen
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