SWRemote - Version 3.1.3 Release Notes

Feature Enhancements:

  • Contract ImprovementsSWRemote will now display the Systems Information, as well as Contract Comments in the “Contract” section of the Customer information
  • When saving a custom Subject for Emailed Invoices, you can now use the Item Number button on the admin site ( to add this to all invoices mailed outNote: this will break the subject if the device is not on the latest version of SWRemote
  • ANDROID ONLY: Photos and Document storage are now enabled. For more information, please read these instructions:IntegrationFinding Saved PhotosFinding Saved documents in SWRemote*Note* On Android, PDFs must be downloaded to the device itself in order to be viewed from SWRemote. Please make sure you discuss how to delete these downloaded PDFs from the device in order to avoid using all of the storage.

Bug Fixes:

  • The Work Done and Work Suggested checkboxes on the SWRemote Admin Site ( / now correctly enable or disable the sending of these fields via emailed invoices
  • Direct Energy / Franchise Custom Applications now save to the SWRemote Database, and can be retrieved by any technician with an assignment for that same customer
  • Fixed several issues with saving Photos and DocumentsSpecifically fixed an Undefined error for locations that did not have any photos or Documents previously saved
  • Fixed issues with the invoice stylingDiscount, Tax, and Tax ID fields will not display if they are blank or not used
  • Fixed an issue where an email address would not save on the Customer screen if there was a space at the end of the address
  • Fixed an issue where the Task and Visit list would not scroll on the Parts Used section
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