SWRemote - Version 3.4.0 Release Notes


  • You can now copy your forms!  Find out more by clicking HERE.
  • Sales calls no longer allow payments or requisitions. SWRemote will skip from the Invoice/Quotes screen to the Complete screen.  See a basic walkthrough HERE.
  • AppVuze – This companion app allows us to see the screen of the device, so we can help troubleshoot issues. More information on this to come.

Feature Enhancements:

  • In the Settings of SWRemote, you will be able to see a list of the forms which have not synced to Dropbox.  From there you can press "Sync Dropbox".
  • Simple formatting has been added to the Job Notes. 
  • When adding a call in SWRemote, the employee dropdown defaults to the user who is logged into the device.
  • Improvements have been made to the save functionality of the Job Notes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Items added to an invoice will now display in the same order that they were added to the invoice.
  • Fixed an issue with Declined Work when an agreement was on the invoice.
  • Fixed the issue with long form names caused display irregularities. The name will now be shortened with "..." at the end.
  • Fixed an issue that caused SWRemote to get stuck syncing when clicking Documents on a customer when Dropbox is not enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where warranty information was doubled when having back to back jobs at the same location.
  • Agreement sorting now shows correctly within a job and when searching for a customer.
  • Fixed an error that would appear during the first login after a user was created in SuccessWare21.
  • Fixed an error that would appear if no search results were returned during a customer search.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the wrong value was calculated in the Payment Amount causing the amount to be off by a penny.
  • Sending receipts while offline now functions appropriately and will send the email when the connection is restored.
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