'SWAPI has thrown an error' message pops up while saving equipment.

This occurs because either Type and Manufacturer are blank.  SWAPI (The medium between SWRemote and SuccessWare21) requires both to be filled out, either when adding new, or editing existing equipment.  

How can I fix this?

1.  This is what the error looks like when tapping Save on the specific piece of equipment -

NOTE: The Manufacturer is not filled in on an existing piece of equipment.

In order to fix this from the office, click on the location, right-click and choose Equipment (F6)

Select which piece of equipment is to be fixed, and right-click and choose Edit Equipment (Ctrl + Enter) 

Now fill in whichever is needed (Manufacturer in this case) - 

At this point if the technician is already Onsite, he/she will need to Reload Assignments located under Settings inside SWRemote in order to receive the changes in the piece of equipment.  They can now tap on the Customer and go into Equipment, and they will now be able to edit any other fields and save them as well -


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