Why is my pricebook download stopping partway through?

iPads/iPhones go idle after a certain amount of time and the screen goes black, the downloading of the price book stops due to the internet connection on the iOS device.  To prevent this from happening we recommend changing the Auto-Lock time to be a longer time time depending on the size of your company's price book.  You can also Tap on the screen repeatedly (every 30 seconds or less) and this will accomplish the same goal.  Note: while tapping on the screen, the screen can never fully lock and go blank.

  • Click the home button on your device
  • Tap the Settings icon
  • Tap Display and Brightness 
  • Tap the option for Auto-Lock
  • Tap an option that is longer than what it is currently set to
  • Click the home button on your device
  • Terminate the SWRemote application
  • Relaunch the SWRemote application
  • Log in to SWRemote

You should be able to fully download the price book without any additional issues.


in the bottom left corner -

the number on the left will increase until it matches the number on the right.  

This is how you know that your Pricebook fully loaded and can view its progress..


*** It's not ideal, but you can always Tap on the screen every few seconds and this will prevent the screen from locking.




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