Error Message: IndexSizeError: DOM Exception 1

We are currently unsure what this error, but it seems to occur when SWRemote either saves certain information incorrectly, or bad information is sent to SWRemote from SuccessWare21.

This can come up in two different circumstances:

  • If it comes up after tapping the "Complete," button, it will bring you back to the Complete screen, despite the information correctly being sent to SuccessWare21. You can then get to your next assignment by following the instructions here.
  • This may come up between the Invoice screen and the Payment screen, resulting in the Invoice Total field showing $0. There currently is no workaround to accept a payment in this case. We recommend you contact your office to have them add the Payment for you, and that you select a Payment Type of "None" and move forward.

We are still actively looking into this issue and will update this document when we have additional information.


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