How to view the Invoicing and Sales reports

To access the new Invoicing and Sales reports, tap the Reports icon, and then "Sales".

You'll be able to run and view reports based on Invoices, Jobs, Sales, Efficiency, and Payments.

Invoice Report:

In the Invoicing report, you're able to view any Past Due invoices, total money collected as well as a comparison between open vs. finalized jobs. You're also able to run the classic report here, as well as export that data if needed.

Dates for the invoice report are set in the following ways. First, the primary date for an invoice would be the "Due date" if you entered one on the job. Secondly, If you don't enter a due date on the job then it will default to the "Invoice Date" of the job if one is entered. Invoice date is also set as the date the invoice is finalized in the system if there isn't a date entered already.  Lastly, if the job doesn't have a due date or an invoice date, then this report will use the "Accepted Proposal Date" if the check box for "Use Accepted Proposal Date" is checked. This way you can view payment status of current open jobs or jobs that haven't been finalized yet.

Jobs Report:

For information on the Jobs Report and actions you can take with that report please visit the Jobs Report Article.

Sales Report:


Here, you're able to see your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly sales information. You're also able to see a Sales Breakdown for specific date ranges, as well as by Employee, Department or Job Type:

Sales reports are based off the Accepted Proposal User and the Accepted Proposal Date as the date for the report. So this would be when a proposal is accepted in the field or via email and ultimately the tech who presented it to the customer. If you need to change the user for which the sale is for you can edit it in the proposal details of the job like the image below:

If you would like to calculate sales with or without sales tax being added to the total you can do so by toggling the "Calculate with Sales Tax" check box at the top of the report.

Efficiency and Productivity Reports

Here, you're able to review your employee efficiency and productivity and make sure you're maximizing your profits. You can filter by specific employee, or view total efficiency. 

The reports are set to Productivity when the check box for "Include Drive Time" is unchecked. This makes it so you compare invoice total and billable hours (from billable hour section of price book items) to just the technicians time on site at the job.

The reports are set to Efficiency when the check box for "Include Drive Time" is checked. This makes it so you compare invoice total and billable hours to the technicians total time spent on the job.

In this report you can also see the highlights: Who's the most efficient? Who has the most billable hours? All of this is conveniently available in one place:

You're also able to view your department and job type efficiency.


This shows you a list of all your payments made with Pointman using a start and end date. 



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