Field Nimble Version 8.1.0

New Features:

  • The character limit on content blocks has been increased from 1000 characters to 5000, take that Twitter!
  • We have made several changes to improve and streamline the signup process for new companies. You should be able to begin using Field Nimble much quicker now with more accurate sample data that is catered to your industry and your local area!
  • Added the Created Date and Approval Date to Invoices and Invoice PDFs for better record keeping and clarity!
  • Added the Master Tech Role as a new permission level. This will be above Technician, but below Dispatcher. The Master Technician will have all of the access of a Technician, with the added ability to Reschedule, Cancel and Postpone Visits scheduled to them for the current day through the "My Day" view.
  • We've added the ability for you to Send a Proposal to a customer and have them Accept or Reject the Proposal through the email! 


Bug Fixes:

  • Signature screens should maintain an appropriate dimension when switching the device between Portrait and Landscape form.
  • Fixed some display issues that came up with longer Pricebook Items and their descriptions when placing them on a Proposal or Invoice.
  • Reworded an error message when trying to add a new employee who’s email is already in use. This should clarify that the user will be added to the new Company as well.
  • Clarified an error message when trying to change the Account Owner from an Administrator to another role. A New Account Owner must be added before this can be done.
  • Fixed a bug that was not removing a Billing Property from a Contact even after the Billing Property was deleted.
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