Can I personalize what my email's title/body says?

Within the Organization set up screen, about half way down you'll notice an email section. This section will not be completed upon registration until you fill it in yourself. 

The Email address you use is the general email address that proposals and invoices that are emailed out to a customer will come from. 

You may want it to come from a generic email account like Or it can come from a specific employee at your company. Just know that whatever email address is set up here will be where EVERY proposal or Invoice comes from despite which technician or employee sent out the email. It will also be the Reply To, if a customer tries to reply to the email. 

If you don't have a generic email that you want emails to come from, you can always use the check box (shown above in screenshot on the right) that says "Use Pointman No Reply Email" If you check this box, all emails delivered will come from *Please note that if you use the No Reply email, the from sender will always show as, but if a customer were to reply to the email it would send to, whatever email address is saved in the Email field (which is a required field).

The Next Email section is for Subject line, again all emails delivered to a customer will use this Subject line, so keep it something generic like "Thank you for your business!"

The last email section is the Email Body. This is where you can include anything in the body of the email that you want to go out to every customer. Again keep this very generic as it will be coming from various people for various services. It will be attached to proposals and Invoices and cannot be modified on an individual basis. At this time there are no additional fields for techs or anyone else to add additional body content to an email when they send something out. 

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