How to set up my Departments

Departments are great for companies that may operate more then one type of service and want to break it down for accounting purposes. For example, ABC Heating & Plumbing Co. wants to be able to break down their plumbing side of the business and their Heating side. Down the road Pointman plans to enhance our reporting features and this would come into play for that. 

In addition, when you set up a job type, you have to tie it to a Department. Many companies may only have one department set up or you could break it down into your Install or Service Departments and tie it in that way.  

In order to set up a Department, click on your Settings Screen and select Jobs. Departments is the first section. 

Inside the Department Screen, click on the big blue plus button in the upper right to add a new Department. Simply name your department and click Add. 

If you are using Quickbooks Desktop and would like to add this to an Income Account, you can simply choose that from the dropdown below the name. If you wish to add a new account on the Pointman side that doesn't currently exist, you can add it via the blue plus button in that dropdown.

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