How to add Price Groups and Price Levels

To add new Price Groups, open the Settings menu, then Pricebook, then Price Groups

Click the blue Plus button on the right side to add a new Price Group.

In the below example, we'll be adding a HVAC Task group. You can choose if this is taxable, as well as the option to round the Price Level to the nearest Dollar amount. When ready, click Add on the bottom. 

If you have Price Levels, you will be able to add them here as well. Tap the Price Levels button on the top of the window, shown below:

To add a Price Level, simply click the blue Plus button. You can then input the name of the Price Level and the Percentage to be charged of the item or task. 100% would always be the Standard Price, meaning it will charge 100% of the price in your price book. If you offer discounts, for example 75% as Club Member (meaning it will only charge 75% of the cost giving them a 25% discount) or maybe you have an after hours price where you charge 25% more of the standard price book cost, so you would enter 125% for those. 

Simply Save, and those will be activated.

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