How to create a Proposal Template

Proposal templates can be set up for jobs that you either do so frequently that you want to have everything set in place to use over and over again, or for anything that you might want to have pre-set up as a default of sorts but your techs can always add to it. For example you may always charge a service fee for any visit, you can pre-set a template that already has this built in, and your techs can just add line items on top of it. 

To set up a proposal template head into your Settings Screen and select Price book. The last section is Proposal Templates. Hit the big blue plus button in the upper right corner to add a new one. If you've already added any this is where they will live in order for you to edit them at any point.


First you can name the proposal, this will be what you can search in order for the template to pop up when on the job. Provide a quick summary. The status fields don't need to be filled out unless you want the dates to always remain the same. Leaving them blank will auto fill that info when your tech completes the proposal. Hit Add, then Next. 
The next step is adding your proposal items. Hit the Blue plus button in the upper right to add a new line item. Items being added to a proposal MUST already be in your price book. You can start typing the name of the item you want to add and it will pull items that match your search. 


Click on the item you wish to add to the proposal, it will open the item and you can edit any information you want about this item on this specific proposal such as adjusting the price, or changing the quantity. Click Add. 


Click Save. Then hit the X to return to the adding items screen. You can continue this process until you have all the items you wish to appear on the proposal. 

Alternatively, you can click the the small "+" symbol to the right of the line item, which will add it to the proposal without additional screens.


Once the proposal template is saved, when your techs are working in the field and they get to the proposal section they are given the option to either Start New Proposal, meaning they will be creating every line item from scratch, or Use Proposal Template, in which case they can choose the pre set templates you've created ahead of time to save them time in the field.


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