How to Add or Edit Items in your pricebook

You can add new items or edit existing items in your price book by selecting 
Settings > Price Book > Items. 

To Add a new Item, once you are in the items section click on the big blue plus button in the upper right hand corner to add a new item to your price book.

This will open the new item screen where you can fill in all your items details.  You can also add the Material Cost for each specific item (see below)

*Note all the upper fields are required so you'll have to make sure you have Item Types and Price Groups set up in order to save a new item. 

To Edit an existing item in your price book, open the Settings > Price Book > Items screen as shown in the first screen shot. 

Click on the item you wish to edit. If you have a large Price Book it will usually be easier to use the search bar where it says Type to Search.  Once you open the item you will see the same screen you used to enter a new item. You can edit any field within the item, It will not change any details on old invoices and proposals such as price and it will only modify fields moving forward. You can also Archive any items you no longer wish to have show in your price book. It will not delete it entirely from the software, but it will no longer show with Active items and it will not come up in a search when you are adding items to a Proposal. 

Click Save to continue working. 

For more information on what Material Cost, click HERE

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