Can I add fields on the fly?

You do not have to bounce back into the configuration screen every time you want to add something new to Pointman. We have added the ability under most drop down menus to Add New while you continue to work in Pointman. 

For Example, if you are an admin or dispatcher editing a job that is scheduled and you want to go in and add a new Job Note Type, you don't have to save what you are doing and go into the Configuration screen, you can go in like you are selecting a note type from the list you have created already, if what you want to add in is not already there, at the very bottom there is an option to Add New:

This field appears in almost all drop down menus found throughout the software, where you would also find something in your set up configuration. If you do not see the ability to add new on the menu, then you would need to go into configuration and set it up there, but this scenario would be rare. 


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