How to hide the Unassigned Column from View

Unassigned column defaults to visible - here's how to turn that off


You will notice on the dashboard by default there is an unassigned column that shows as if its a technician within your company. This is so that any jobs that are created for an exact date and time will be placed on the dispatch board but if they are not assigned to a tech they will remain visible to remind you that they need to be scheduled to a specific technician. 


If you do not want to see this column on your dashboard you can choose to hide the column. Do this by clicking on the settings gear in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard.



This will give you a small menu of options, slide over the bar that says "Hide Unassigned" and you will notice that column will disappear from view on your dashboard. 



Keep in mind that if you are creating jobs with an exact date and time of service, but you are not assigning them to a technician at that same time, then the job will fall under the unassigned category still. If you no longer wish to view it on the dashboard you will have to make sure you check the dropdown section on the side panel in order to view those jobs. 



In order to view the unassigned column again on your dashboard, follow the same procedure as above and toggle the slide bar back on and the column will appear once again on your board. 

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