How to Setup Nearby Now Integration

An API Key from Nearby Now quickly enables your team to trigger Check Ins and Review Requests naturally when they complete visits


Nearby Now is a terrific service that displays technician check ins and homeowner reviews right on your web site. With a live feed of your positive business activity, search engines raise your rank dramatically, leading to more new customers finding you. You can read more about the business case on Pointman's Blog. Let's talk about how to configure Pointman to work with Nearby Now.


You will need to be using an existing Marketing Agency before enrolling with Nearby Now. 


For any organization with a Nearby Now API Key, every time a technician completes the last visit on a job, Pointman prompts them to do one of:

  • Check in
  • Check in and request a review via the contact’s email address (already on-file)
  • Nothing (skip check-in and review)

To trigger the process again, just set the status on the last visit to Onsite, save it, and then set it back to Complete and save it again.

What should I do first?

Get your Nearby Now API Key from your marketing agency. They may have received it when they built your web site including Nearby Now's applications.

**Note** If you don't have Nearby Now already, head HERE

When you have your Nearby Now Activation keys (from both your marketing agency and Nearby Now), please contact our Support team at and we can complete the activation.

What's Next?

The API keys that are given to you by both your marketing agency and Nearby Now must be provided to our Support team, where we can complete the setup process for you!


If you require further assistance, please reach out to the Support Team using any of our channels - 


Phone: 800-566-6940

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