Setting up Quickbooks Export Settings

Using the fields to identify income, accounts receivable, and merchant fees in Quickbooks


If you are using Quickbooks Desktop, you will need to add the proper accounts as shown below:

In Pointman, go into Settings and then Integrations. You will then see Quickbooks Desktop. Here, you will need to enter the AR, Income and Merchant Fees accounts that you have in Quickbooks Desktop.

 Below are the fields you need to fill in:

Accounts Receivable Account Name
Income Account Name
Merchant Fees Account Name: (Note: This is an expense account for credit card processing fees).

If you are already using Quickbooks you will want to copy the field names for each of the fields exactly as they appear  from the Chart of Accounts (Ex: John Doe Plumbing Income). This will set it so that your imports from Pointman will go to the existing fields you have set in your quickbooks account.

In Quickbooks Desktop, click on Company and then Chart of Accounts. Find the corresponding accounts and enter their information into Pointman.

If you have more than 1 income account, you can set your default account and then set up an additional income account. For more information on that, click HERE

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