What's the difference between Unscheduled and Unassigned?

An unscheduled job is one that has been created for a customer but has not yet been assigned a time or a tech.  Placing a job in this category allows a dispatcher to see who is available during various time slots which can then be clicked and dropped into any available tech and time.

An unassigned job means that when the job was created the customer was given a date and time, but no tech was assigned to the job yet. This allows a dispatcher to use the time that was given to a customer and assign it to any tech that might be available for that time slot. When you set a date and time for a job, but do not assign it to a person, it will drop it onto your dispatch board into the right date and time, but into the unassigned column, rather than into an employee or technician. You can then move the job to an employee once you see the schedule. 

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