How to disable pop up blockers

Below are a few browsers that tend to given users on our site difficulty. If you don't see your browser below, Click Here for more. 

Safari - 

  1. Click on the Safari Menu in the upper left corner.

2. Select Preferences

3. Click on Security and uncheck "Block pop-up windows.

Internet Explorer

  1.  Click the Gears Icon in the upper right hand corner or Tools from the Toolbar at the top and Select "Internet Options".

3. Click the Privacy tab across the top of the menu

4. Uncheck the box "Turn on pop up blocker"

5. Click apply at the bottom of the menu to save your new settings



  1. At the top of your browser page select click on Firefox and Preferences (on a Windows/PC select Tools, then options) 

2. Select Content, then uncheck the box "Block pop-up windows"



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