Pointman Version 5 Release Notes

We are excited to announce many new features with Pointman Version 5. Among these updates are brand new help and support features on both our mobile app and website as well as invoice features that real users have asked for! Read about all the new, exciting updates below!

Newly Added Features:

  • Added help system and live chat to the mobile application and
  • New mobile share feature: Updates to how photos are managed and added for Mobile users 
  • Added "Resend" button to the employee screen to allow for administrators to resend the invite emails
  • Added quick link to property address (Mobile) -this allows the user to open the property address in their Maps application
  • Added new screen to allow Mobile users to see a status of changes if they have gone "off-line", allowing for syncing and a clear status
  • Added "Invoice Balance" to payment screen for Mobile users
  • Added "Invoice Number" to the invoice
  • Added ability to supply Fractional Quantities on Proposal items
  • Added “Export Invoice” that allows users to download or print a PDF version of the invoice
  • Added "Balance" to the invoice report as well as “Download” and “Print” options
  • Added the ability to mark an employee as "Do not show on Dashboard"

Updates to Features:

  • For users with multiple organizations; the ability to swap between organizations has been updated to have a search feature
  • Invoices can no longer be finalized without an invoice date
  • Invoice Report will now only show one line per invoice
  • Update of print styling for invoices to more accurately reflect the on-screen appearance
  • Update to navigation for Jobs/Invoices: Records now open in the modal view rather than a side panel
  • Update status label for "All" jobs to read "All Open" to more accurately reflect the meaning
  • Removed "Swipe-Right" and "Swipe-Left" functionality from the application (formerly allowed for going "back")
  • Can now add a caption to a photo

Various Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue for Price Groups that are marked as "Not Taxable" now correctly doesn’t charge tax
  • Fixed issue that was preventing the Logo to display at the top of an emailed invoice
  • Fixed issue for reporting end date - reports will be inclusive of the final day in the date range
  • Fixed overlap issue with email field on invoice screen for Mobile users
  • Fixed issue for the Payment Report which was not reporting the correct fees for customers on the "Know what you Pay" Plan
  • Fixed issue that “Deleted Jobs” still showed on Invoice and Payment reports
  • Fixed issue that Summary text was getting cut off on Proposals
  • Updated Proposal Styling to look like the Invoice (now shows customer information)
  • Fixed issue that the team view reverted back when you left and returned to the dashboard
  • Fixed issue that searching for a payment in the job modal would show payments from any job in the organization
  • Fixed issue for the "Cancel" button on Contact and Property screens (on Mobile) 
  • Fixed issue for "Item Groups" marked "Round to the next dollar" now round correctly
  • Fixed issue for the "Save Successful" message
  • Various other small bug fixes
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