Connection Failed: Unexpected failure; Cannot open database "XXXXXXX" requested by the login. The login failed (swapimgrdm103c)

Why does this error occur?
This occurs because the HTTP Service Administrator cannot find a SQL server by that name. 

How to fix the issue:

NOTE: If you are running the Windows Server 2012 environment, additional steps will be necessary. Please Contact SuccessWare21 tech support at 888-251-2779 for help in configuring your server

  1. Open up SuccessWare21 on the server
  2. Click 21 and then Setup and Utilities
  3. Select Administrative Tools and then HTTP Service Administrator
  4. If the Service Administrator is running, stop it, if its stopped proceed to the next step
  5. Select Properties (as seen below)

7. Make sure the radio buttons are set for SQL Server Name and Windows under SQL Authentication (as seen below) as well as the server name matching the actual name of your SQL server.

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