Getting Started with SWRemote (LAN Customers)

Here is everything you’ll need to complete the account setup process. Please follow the steps in numerical order and let us know via support ticket when everything has been completed. Please note that you may require administrative access in SuccessWare21 for some of these steps - if your SuccesWare21 user does not have administrative access, you may need to either have it granted to you or forward this document to another at your company who has this access.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) may require assistance from your IT technician to complete.

1. Make firewall changes to allow web traffic through to your server *

Before SWRemote can connect to your SuccessWare21, there are some changes that need to be made on your company’s firewall. Your IT professional will need to make the changes outlined in the article below:

2. API Activation

In order to use third-party applications (such as SWRemote), your SuccessWare21 instance must be API activated. When we first receive your account setup support ticket, we will ask the SuccessWare21 team to give you a call to activate your account. Below is an article providing additional details about the API activation process - we recommend having this on hand when calling SuccessWare21 just for reference.

3. Install the Http Service Administrator *

A.) The Http Service Administrator is a utility that runs on your server which allows SuccessWare21 to communicate with SWRemote. It must be installed and running in order to receive messages from our system. Please note that this must be installed on your server, NOT on a workstation.

B.) You will need to send us the IP address of the server at this step or you will not be able to move onto the next step. We will then verify connectivity to the SuccessWare21 instance. Once connected, you are able to move to the next step.

-To find your IP address on your Server, you can always go to Google and type in "What's my IP?".

4. Enable the agent in the Agent Manager *

The agent manager is what gives permission for our server to communicate with your SuccessWare21 data.

5. Provide agent password to the SWRemote support team

Respond to the support ticket e-mail with your agent password (from step 4). We will then be able to verify whether or not we are successfully able to read your data.

6. Set up user groups and create credentials for technicians

Each technician will have his or her own SuccessWare21 username and password to login to SWRemote on their device.

7. Make changes to account settings in the SWRemote Administrative Site and SuccessWare21

The SWRemote Administrative Site has a number of account settings for you to change. Also on the website is the option to configure Work Done and Work Suggested templates, and content blocks for receipts that you e-mail to your customers. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the various settings on the site by using the article linked below (which also contains a number of helpful general articles).

When you reach this step, please call SWRemote Support at 1-800-566-6940 to receive your Administrative Credentials. *Note* We cannot provide these via email, you will need to call. You will be asked to customize this password once logging in to the SWRemote Administrative Site.

The SWRemote Administrative Site can be found below:

Here are some articles that may assist you with the various settings contained on the Administrative Site:

8. Download the SWRemote application on your device

Please note that you will need access into the App Store or Play Store, which includes having a valid account for the device. You will also need an active internet connection.

9. Register the device to your company in SWRemote

Before you can log in with the credentials created for the technicians, you must first register the device to your company (so the system knows which device belongs to which company). The administrative credentials (from step 5) will be used for the registration of new devices.

10. Log in to SWRemote

After the device is registered, you may log in to SWRemote using the credentials configured in step 6. Please note that if you are logging in as a real technician, any changes you make on the device will be affecting real job data at this point!

Logging in will also enable “remote control” for the technician’s timecard, meaning you will need to remove remote control before being able to modify the timecard in the office. See below:

11. Notify the SWRemote team via your support ticket that the setup process is complete.

Once you've completed all of the above-mentioned steps, please submit a ticket with the subject line "SWRemote Set-Up Complete" and be sure to provide your email address, phone number, and company name so we can reach out to arrange a formal training session. If you would like to have your company logo appear at the top of receipt e-mails you send to customers, you can feel free to attach an image to this ticket - we will be able to customize a logo for you at no charge.

Keep in mind, many helpful articles are available 24/7 on - if you run into a problem, we recommend searching using a relevant keyword to see if there are step-by-step instructions to resolve the issue (for example, if an error stating “Cannot modify timecard; Remote control is not enabled” appears on the device, try searching for “remote control”).


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