How Do I Get the IP Address of my SuccessWare21 Server?

In order to get the IP address, you'll need to have direct access to the server that SuccessWare21 currently runs on. You can log onto the server or you can use Remote Desktop to access it.

  1. Right Click, then Run as Administrator to log into SuccessWare21
  2. Click on the 21 icon
  3. Click Setup
  4. Click Utilities
  5. Double-click (ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS...)
  6. Double-click Http Service Administrator
  7. Click the Test button. If there is no test button, it means that the Http Service Administrator was never installed. Click the Install button and then click the Test button.
  8. A window will appear displaying the IP address. Read this off to the Support Rep that you end up speaking with.

Note: If there is no http service administrator for your company, then your company has not been API activated. Please call SuccessWare21 and request an API activation for SWRemote.

You can also check your IP address by navigating to google and searching IP address, or by going to a website like or


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