Test Connection Failed - Invalid password for agent [swmagent] (asdm3) (10005)

The Agent Manager password was updated without being updated on our admin site.


Log in to SuccessWare21 as an administrator.

On the top left of your screen, select the '21' icon.

Open Setup and then scroll down to Utilities

SuccessWare21 will ask you to close any running background tasks (reports, Dispatch board, etc)

From here, select Administrative Tools, which will open another window just like this.

 Select AgentManager

On the Agent Manager screen, there will be a line item that reads "swmagent" (disregard any other entries besides "swmagent").  

A. In the white box to the immediate right and under the "Agent Password" column create a password of your choice and hit save. Copy this agent password down, as you will need to provide it later.

Proceed to part B, below.

B. In the lower half of the window there is also a column labeled "Is Enabled."  Right click in the white box to the left of the appropriate company name and choose "Enable/Disable."  The box will then show a value of "True." Hit save once more and close the Agent Manager.

Open a browser window and head to our admin site, and select the Master Accountstab

In the first section in the middle of this page, you can click the Lock icon, then enter the password that you took from the Agent Manager. 



Click the save button on the lower right of this screen, and then press the Test Connection button.  If everything is set up properly, the Test Connection will turn green:

When hitting Test Connection, we automatically try to connect to the tutorial company as well, which needs to be setup exactly the same as the live SuccessWare21 company. In order to do so, logout of SuccessWare21, and log back into the tutorial company. Make sure that the Agent Password entered matches, and the database is active. You can find more about activating the Tutorial Database HERE. 

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