“username must be a minimum of X characters…” error message in SuccessWare21

If you can't match the User Name to the Employee Code in SuccessWare21 because you are getting this error “username must be a minimum of X characters….”  Please follow the instructions below:

To Change the Minimum Username length, follow these instructions -

Login to SuccessWare21

  • Click the 21 in the upper left hand corner
  • click Setup
  • Click General
  • click Edit
  • Change the Minimum Username Length

However, if when you first received this error you initially created a User name to be different from the Employee code, you are then going to get the following message when logging into SWRemote "Cannot lock time card user name does not match an existing employee code"

You will first need to change the Minimum Username length by following the instructions above and then create a User Name that matches the Employee Code.

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