How to Create a Customizable Form

We currently offer an upgraded Form builder called SCOUT if you are interested in more customization.

Please check out a video all about the SWRemote Customizable Forms Video  

  • Log onto the SWRemote Admin website with your credentials
  • Click on Customizable Forms
  • Choose the company you wish to create the form for (If you have more than one company) in the dropdown box on the top right
  • Now choose the + Add a Form button
  • Type in a Title of the form

There are 3 checkboxes on the right:

  1. Published – The next time the tech logs out and back in, this form will be available for use.
  2. Upload to Dropbox with Invoice – This will allow you to keep this form on file when document storage is activated.
  3. Email with Invoice – This will allow the form to be emailed with the invoice at the end of the job.


Type in a bit of information that will be displayed about the form in the Information box. You can use the editor located above the box to choose bold, or underline, or italicize as well.

Under Fields, click + Add Field to content to your form:


  • Field Name will be the name of that specific field
  • Help Text can be used to assist the tech with what the field can be used for (Optional)Type can be selected from a choice of 11 different types –Instructional Text – Will just show a line of text, nothing more
  • Type is the particular kind of field that will be created. Below is an overview of the different Type options available:

  1. Text – Allows you to have your tech fill in a field by typing in a sentence or two.Max Length allows you to limit the amount that can be typed into the field 
  2. Long Text – Will allow your tech to type in as much as they would like (Think paragraph field)
  3. Date – Allows tech to choose a specific date on a calendar graphic
  4. Time – Allows your tech to choose a specific time
  5. Select One – This will allow your tech to select one option from a drop down box          Options: Fill in an option and press the ‘+’ button          You can Auto Sort the list          You can also have a ‘None’ option added to the list of selections in the           dropdown
  6. Select Multiple – Allows tech to choose from multiple selections, and add multiple options (more than one)
  7. Checkbox – Allows the tech to check, or uncheck a box for that field
  8. Range – Allows the tech to place in numbers in two boxes to setup a range
  9. Rating – Allows you to create a number (set by Max Number of Stars) of stars you can check off
  10. Signature – Allows your tech to capture a signature on the field

After all fields have been created, you can sort these specific fields by clicking on the one you would like to move, and dragging it to the new spot in the list of fields.

  • You can edit the field by clicking on the icon that looks like a pencil - 
  • You can delete the field by clicking on the icon marked as a red x -  


After adjusting and editing all fields, you can save the entire form by pressing the Save button at the top of the form.

You can see what the form will look like on the specific device by pressing Preview Under Device dropdown on right, you can choose what format you would like to preview the form in (iPad, iPhone, etc). 


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