How does a technician receive updated job information in SWRemote when a change has been made in SuccessWare21?

There are occasions where a technician will see a previous job that is no longer on their schedule in SuccessWare21, or a change has been made to the job and the technician needs to receive this new job information.  Have the technician follow these short steps below:

(There are instructions below for a Phone as well)


1.  Click the Settings button. This is found at the bottom of the pop out "Menu".



2.  Then select "Reload Assignments."


3. Press "Yes" to the following prompt:




  1.  Click on the side menu/navigation drawer (Hamburger Button)


This brings up the Side Menu.


3.  Then select "Settings" 



 3.  Finally hit the "Reload Assignments" button.



4.  Press "Yes" to the following prompt:


Please Note: if the technician is already onsite at a job, the device will not update to what is in SuccessWare21 without following the above instructions.

This is done intentionally so the technician's work in SWRemote does not accidentally get overwritten when hitting the Refresh button.



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