Enabling TLS 1.2 in the HTTP Service Admin inside SuccessWare21

1.  Login on the Server Station, Login to SuccessWare21 by Right clicking on the icon and select run as Administrator (this will not work from any work station, this must be done on the Server Station). *

2. Select the 21 icon in the top left-hand corner

3. Select Setup

4. Select Utilities

5. Select Administrative Tools

6. Select Http Service Administrator

7. Press Stop to allow the Properties button to show up
Warning: This will interrupt connection with your techs in the field on SWRemote. We recommend you do this after hours, or when no technician is using SWRemote. This will not affect anyone inside SuccessWare21 in the office.

 8.  Now that the service has been stopped, press the Properties button 

9.  Then press the SSL/TLS tab.  

10. Make certain that TLS 1.2 is Checked.  For PCI Compliance, you will want to uncheck the other options (as seen below)

Then click OK .

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