How do I edit the accepted Credit Card types through Payflow Pro?

  • Click Account Administration
  • Then under the Processor & Merchant Bank Information sub heading, click on Accepted Card Types
  • From the screen below you can then add to or remove from the list you see.  Your screen may look something like the screenshot below, depending on what card types are already added:

You may also need to check on the accepted card types through SuccessWare21 or the Techs will not be able to accept the card.  

Note: All card types are on by default.

  • Log-in to SuccessWare21 and click the red 21 button at the top of the screen.
  • Select Setup, and choose Reference Library:

Select Customer Accounts, and then Payment Methods. Double Click on Payment Methods

  • Right Click anywhere in the grid and select Modify Mode
  • Right Click again and select New or Edit

Enter text into the Payment Method, which will act as your Title (Visa, Master Card, AmEx, Discover etc).
Tab or Click into the Payment Type box.  Then Click the Box with the 3 Dots.  A list will appear.  Choose 'Credit Card' from this list.

Right Click and select Save Change.

  • If you need to simply turn a Payment Method on or off, this is controlled by having an X in the "IsActive" box.


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