I want to find out about processing Credit Cards in the Field with PayFlow, how is it all connected?

In order for the Techs to be able to process credit cards live through SWRemote, you will need to sign up with the payment Gateway that we use Payflow Pro.

A) PayFlow Pro is a Gateway to your Processor/Merchant.  The technician will swipe or key-in the card out in the field.  At this point, after obtaining the customer's signature, the information is encrypted, and then sent across to the Gateway (PayFlow Pro).  From there it is sent to your processor for authorization of funds.  The technician will receive information on whether or not the card was approved or declined right away.  PLEASE NOTE: Live credit card processing will only work when the technician has an active internet connection at the time of attempting the authorization/capture of payment.

B) We will set this up for you and you will pay your PayFlow bill through us.  You can login to PayFlow Pro (a division of PayPal) to see all of your transactions on a daily basis.  Any Credit Cards that a Tech swipes or keys in the field will show up inside of PayFlow Pro.  All of the Delayed Captures made within a given day are Batch processed at the end of the day and will hit your Bank account roughly between the hours of 11PM and 2AM depending upon your processor.


The Fees involved:

Monthly - 

Payment Processing - $60.00 - Company-wide, NOT per device.

(Note: All fee's are paid to SWRemote.  We then forward that to Payflow/PayPal)


One Time Startup Fee

Payment Processing Activation - $149.00


Will it be cheaper for my Techs to Swipe or Key in the Cards?

 This is all determined by your Merchant Processor and you will need to have that discussion with them ahead of time.


Will my credit card swipers work with SWRemote?

Only if they are these Swipers:


How reporting works, how this is tied to SuccessWare21 and more:

Please follow this link for more details:  How SWRemote processes credit cards through Payflow Pro

If you want to sign up for live credit card processing using the PayFlow Pro (PayPal) gateway, please let us know and we will send you the documentation and start the setup process for you


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