How do I continue a job using SWRemote and SuccessWare21?

Example: A technician is on a call and sells a job but doesn't do the actual work. Now the call is scheduled for the next day/week. How do you continue this job so the summary and revenue are on one ticket for reporting?

Depending on the answers to the below question, a couple of steps will be needed to complete this call appropriately.  

Did the technician collect payment?  


If not, then it's just as simple as having the tech finish the call without collecting payment ($0 in the "Collected Amount" field in the payment screen on the device) and closing the call as normal. Once completed, the office can click on the job inside SuccessWare21, add a new call, and assign that call to a tech for the scheduled time and date.

There are a few important points here:

  • Make sure the invoice is NOT posted. SWRemote users cannot go past the invoice screen if the invoice assigned to the call is posted.
  • The first call will not be inside the Service History for the location because the invoice is not posted. The second tech will not see the notes on the call until they get into the invoice after being onsite. If the second call is continued because it requires any specific information, a custom tool, permits, a second tech, etc., it's important to copy those notes into the instructions for the call so the tech sees them right away and makes appropriate accommodations.
  • Any piece rate compensation that is tied to a task in Successware21 will transfer to the primary tech on the job when the invoice is complete and posted. If a different tech (not the one who sold the job) is completing the work, you'll need to make the appropriate changes in the piece rate manager.
  • It is important to be sure that you do not apply any labor from the first call.  You can post inventory transactions and cost out parts, but you cannot apply labor until the job is completely closed.

Once the tech is back out on the job they'll complete the service call as normal, only this time when they get to the invoice screen the information that the tech entered the first time will all be there. They can edit, add, and delete items just like they would with any invoice. The technician can collect payment and complete the call as if they created the invoice right then. The office staff can then post the call and you are done.


If yes, it's important to make note of the 4 steps from above, as they are just as important in this instance.

This time the tech will enter the amount they are collecting in the "Collected Amount" field in the payment screen on the device and close the call like normal. Partial deposits should be entered in the "Collected Amount" screen rather than the total amount on the invoice. Once the first call is closed, office staff will again click on the job and add a new call for the tech for the scheduled date and time. But this time, they'll need to open up the invoice and go into the "Applied Payments" screen.

Inside SuccessWare21 and SWRemote you can only collect one payment on an invoice; any additional payment would have to be applied to the account through the F4 screen inside SuccessWare21. If you want to identify the payment collected on the first call and give the option to collect additional payment, you'll need to remove it from the invoice and add it to the account (through the F4 screen), so that the tech can continue to work through that invoice and apply a new payment during the second call, even if that payment is a $0 payment because it was paid in full during the first call. If the payment isn't removed inside SuccessWare21 before the tech goes to the second call, then the new payment will override the existing payment.

Once inside the "Applied Payment" screen in SuccessWare21, office staff should copy all of the payment information, whether via pen and paper or be cutting and pasting the information into a Word document on your computer. Your staff is going to need all of the payment information, especially the Payment Authorization if it was a credit card payment. Once the information is copied, clear the payment information from the invoice by clicking "Clear Payment" and saving the changes. After the payment is cleared office staff should hit F4 and open the Billing Account History to enter the payment. Once inside that screen they will click "Receipt" and enter the payment information.  It's important to click the "Customer Deposit" check box in the top left when entering the payment information, to identify that this is a deposit on the account.

Once payment information is entered, office staff should post this payment and save the invoice.  

Reminder: Don't Post the Invoice!

Now that office staff has essentially moved the payment, the technician can continue the job using the device. They'll have the ability to add, edit, and delete invoice items. Once the technician completes the invoice and gets to the payment screen they will see a deposit on the account for amount of the first payment. They will simply click the check box to add the deposit to the invoice and it will subtract from the total due for the invoice. They will enter the additional payment if the job is not paid in full, and close the job just like normal. Office staff can then post the call and you are done.


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