How do I set up a user to be able to do a Customer Search/Add a call on the device?

By default, when the user groups for SWRemote are created in SuccessWare21 the groups named 'RemoteTechManager' and 'RemoteTechOnCall' both have this ability. 


*NOTE* If your tech is in the RemoteTech Usergroup and you wish to give them this permission, change them to the RemoteTechOnCall Usergroup. If you wish to give this permission to a non-Remote Tech usergroup, use the instructions below.

  1. Log into SuccessWare21 with administrative rights.
  2. Click on the 21 icon
  3. Click on Setup
  4. Click on User Manager
  5. Right click anywhere in the grid and select the option for User Groups
  6. Select the User Group from the Select User Group drop down that you want to edit
  7. Navigate to the 'Customer Service - 1' tab
  8. Click the Edit button
  9. Check the box labeled 'Allow Access to Customer Service Data'
  10. Check the box labeled 'Create New Job' - This will also check the box labeled Allow Access to Customer Service Data.
  11. Press the Save button
  12. The next time a technician logs in on a device who is a part of that group they will be able to do a Customer Search and create new jobs.
  13. The Customer Search button is available on the Main Menu.  Click here to find out how to perform a customer search from a Device.


The Customer Search will also give the Tech the ability:

  • edit the customer Location information.
  • Add a job directly from the Device.


Click HERE to learn how to Add a Job directly from a Device.

***Note:  The Schedule Search and Add job functionality are tied together, you can't have one without the other.

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