How to Void a Transaction in Payflow Pro

Please watch this short video showing the customer how to void a transaction using Payflow Pro.


Note: Voiding a Transaction will only work on the same day that it went through.

(If it is the next day and beyond, you need to credit the transaction)


To Void a Transaction:

Click on Reports, and then on Daily Activity


Run Report (for today). Copy the Delayed Capture's Transaction ID

Click on the Virtual Terminal (at the top of the screen) and then select Single Transaction

Change Transaction Type to VOID and paste the Transaction ID into the “Original Transaction ID” text field.

Press Submit

On the next page hit Submit again ( you can add Comments for accounting to reference, if you choose to.)

You should see a Result code of 0 and Response Message of Approved.

-If you want to check that this went through, go to the Reports then click Daily Activity and run it for today's date.


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