How to credit a previously run Transaction using Payflow Pro

click the Reports Button (in the upper right hand corner)

click the Daily Activity link

When the Daily Activity link Report loads, Search by the day and click run report

Find the Delayed Capture of the transaction you want to credit (this will not work Authorizations.  Authorizations are the capture of funds)

Open the Delayed capture (you can confirm that the Purchase Order Number matches that of SW21’s Invoice#)

Highlight & Copy the Transaction ID (at the top of screen)

Next click on the Virtual Terminal at the top of the screen

Click the Single Transaction link

Leave Tender Type of Credit Card as is

change the Transaction Type to CREDIT

Now the Original Transaction ID will appear, paste in the ID you  just copied

Click Submit

On the Transaction information screen, you can change the amount to anything up to the full amount of the original charge.

Click Submit

As long as Result Code: 0 and Response Message: Approved appear at the top of the screen, this is how you know a transaction was successfully credited.


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