How to run a Transaction in PayFlow Pro

Please watch the short video below on how to do a run a transaction in PayFlow Pro.
 Video: Performing a PayFlow Transaction

Login to PayPal by referencing the e-mail you received from SWRemote.

NOTE: The credentials are case sensitive and theThe Partner + Merchant need to be capitalized.

  1. Click on the Virtual Terminal
  2. Click on Single Transaction (on the Left)
  3. Transaction type : Sale
  4. Enter the Credit Card number
  5. Transaction Mode needs to be left on LIVE
  6. Click SUBMIT at the bottom
  7. Expiration Date and the Amount are the only required fields (you can enter more information if you'd like to.)
  8. Click SUBMIT at the bottom
  9. As long as the Response message is APPROVED, you will need to test all Credit Card Types.  If you get an Error message, please let us know.
  10. Wait until you see the Test Transaction hit your bank. (This can take 2-3 days, depending on the card type for the initial Transaction)
  11. Contact our Support Team and let them know the Transaction has reached your bank account. We will turn it on for you.
  12. The Techs will need to restart SWRemote for this to take effect.
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